1. What is the Basic Concept?

“Basic Concept” refers to Shibuya City’s underlying vision of its focus areas and future direction, as well as defining the vision of what Shibuya City will be like in 20 years.

2. The Background to Recreating the Basic Concept

Why is there a need to recreate this Basic Concept now?
Society has undergone great changes since the previous Basic Concept was established 20 years ago. The Japanese economy continues to struggle, there is a growing gap between the rich and poor, the birthrate continues to decline, and the population continues to age. Meanwhile, there has been an explosive spread of smartphones and mobile phones, and the Internet is now vital to our social infrastructure. With these changes, new issues continue to emerge in Japan, where society continues to undergo accelerating change.
Although it is extremely difficult to accurately predict the future in any detail, the aim behind this Basic Concept is to consider these social changes and to have a new conversation about how Shibuya City will be in 20 years.
It is 2016, and with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games being held in 4 years, Shibuya City must rapidly evolve and grow in order to become a mature international city. We want to ensure that, going forward, this Basic Concept will be one that is unique to Shibuya, and that this city will continue to attract people from around the world.

3. Values Underlying the Basic Concept

The basic concept lays out the core principles that define what our priorities will be and the direction we intend to take, and presents a vision of what we want Shibuya City to be like two decades from now.

(1) Where Is Shibuya City Headed?

While Shibuya City may not be as big as London, Paris or New York, we want to be recognized as a mature international city like they are. What maturity means in this context is a combination of advanced international competitiveness and a powerful local identity. It also means being a place where city residents can live with pride. These are all conditions for being a community that is known and loved throughout the world.

(2) How Will Shibuya City Get There?

To evolve into a mature international city, Shibuya City will prioritize the concepts of diversity and inclusion. We will move beyond merely accepting the diversity of everyone living on this Earth to producing energy from the fuel of this diversity through inclusion. We will transcend race, gender, age and disabilities, and use the energy of all the people living in Shibuya City to power the development of our community.
In other words, the essence of this approach is the principle that “individuals have the leading roles in our city.”

(3) What Does Shibuya City Need?

No matter how much technology progresses, people will always yearn to connect with each other and need each other’s support. Everyone has someone they can help and be helped by. We believe that this human relationship based on mutual aid is indispensable.
We also want to make the richness of the lives of those involved in Shibuya City permanently sustainable. That is why the concept of sustainability is prioritized throughout the plan.

4. Shibuya’s Vision of the Future

Shibuya—turning differences into strength

Shibuya may change the world.
No, Shibuya will be the one to change the world.
Let us truly believe that.

Let us celebrate
all the people, professions, philosophies,
stories and opportunities
that exist in this city.
Let us love this diversity
and the passion it creates.

Difference is an irreplaceable value.
It is the strength that changes the future.

A city where you can always find pleasure in one’s growth.
A city where everybody can live as themselves.
A city where you want to be physically active.
A city where the connection and mindset of people assure the future.
A city where everybody can find people and places to love.
A city that continues to create new cultures.
A city with businesses unafraid of challenges.

A city where each and every person
can enjoy a life of their own.
Let’s realize this vision together.
Through our city, let us prove
that values created from difference makes
this possible.

5. Areas of the Basic Concept

A. Childrearing, Education and Lifelong Learning

A city where you can always find pleasure in one’s growth.

Everyone has the potential to be nurtured by and nurture others. This is true at every stage of life. We will strive to give everyone the opportunity to find joy in being nurtured and nurturing others and in being educated and educating others throughout their lives regardless of race, sex, age or disability. Shibuya City will become an advanced center of diversity and inclusion education.

■ Children Truly Are Our Future

We promise to offer enough peace of mind and happiness to make people want to have children and raise them in our community. We intend to be a community that supports families seamlessly from before childbirth until after those children have grown up.
Furthermore, the myriad potential that children have within them is the essence of society’s hope. To ensure that this potential is fully realized, we will pursue advanced education from early childhood. Childrearing and education are, in and of themselves, the cultivation of our country’s future.

■ This World Is Full of Learning

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about and love the abundant colorfulness of our world and human diversity. We will create opportunities and frameworks to draw a wide variety of people into education both within and outside of schools. As many people as possible will be given opportunities to both teach and be taught. This approach will also make lifelong learning more diverse and rich.

B. Welfare

A city where everybody can live as themselves.

No one will be isolated from society. This is because everyone—including children, the elderly, those with disabilities, those in poverty and those with dementia—are individuals who are important to our society.
We will create a community of symbiosis where everyone can help others and be themselves. To that end, we will enhance our livelihood support services and create a new welfare framework for Shibuya City.

■ Welfare Has Creativity Within

The first key to this is to change people’s attitude toward the concept of welfare. Promoting awareness of accessibility is just the beginning; we will also lead the way in pursuing and putting into practice welfare that will move society forward, welfare that will make the future brighter, and welfare that will provide hints for developing industry and culture.

■ Welfare That Connects People

The second key is promoting networks of mutual aid. We intend to work together with private companies, NPOs and others to create a local environment and framework that make it easy for people to transcend barriers such as race, sex and age, and help each other. These connections will serve as a foundation for supporting every individual and family.

C. Health and Sports

A city where you want to be physically active.

We intend to be a community where people will be able to live long lives and want to live long lives. Regular exercise should be a part of people’s everyday lives, and everyone should be able to stay healthy while having fun. Shibuya City envisions itself as a fifteen-square-kilometer exercise area, and we will pursue community development that blends everyday exercise and fun sports into our daily lives.

■ Because to Live Is to Move

We want to make exercise a normal part of our lifestyles rather than a special activity. To that end, we will develop Shibuya City’s unique hilly terrain, diverse cityscape, variety of public spaces and other assets into places that provide residents and visitors with opportunities to exercise—that is, opportunities to stay healthy and active.
Further, we will make our community a place where everyone can live with more peace of mind by strengthening cooperation between medical institutions, enhancing health crisis management, and taking other measures to provide a firm foundation for health and medical care.

■ Every Single Person Can Participate in Sports

We will strive to be a community that accepts and encourages the widest possible variety of sports regardless of how popular or obscure they are. We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate in sports in some way as a player or fan. This will make Shibuya City a community of constant celebration and exhilaration

D. Disaster Prevention, Safety, the Environment and Energy

A city where the connection and mindset of people assure the future.

To consistently guarantee safety and peace of mind for residents and visitors and effectively maintain a comfortable city environment, Shibuya City will strive to be a flexible and robust community. Our city will be adaptable and durable.
In these times, the strength of our awareness, knowledge and technology will be tested. Having an abundance of diverse people will make our city strong and lead to environmental sustainability. That is the type of community we want to be.

■ A Community’s Strength Resides in the Strength of Its Bonds

How will we enhance disaster prevention and also flexibly recover after a disaster? How will we protect individuals from crime and other dangers?
Connections between people are the foundation of safety and peace of mind. How connected different people in a community are to each other on a daily basis is crucial. Shibuya City will not only develop urban infrastructure that is resilient in the face of disaster and crime, we will also nourish these daily connections.

■ Making Sustainability a Challenge We All Share

The greatest force for realizing a sustainable environment is our feeling of love for our daily lives and the motivation to protect those lives.
In every area, including waste and energy, everyone involved in Shibuya City should understand how their lives and the local environment are connected. First, we would like to invigorate practical endeavors such as reducing daily waste and energy consumption. We also intend to spread common awareness throughout Shibuya City through low-carbon city development.

E. Space and Community Design

A city where you can find people and places to love.

A community that has places and friends that residents, workers, visitors and potential visitors want to engage will truly be a community that is enduringly loved by the world. Shibuya City will develop a variety of spaces within the city as hubs for a multitude of communities. Working together with a diverse group of people involved in Shibuya City, we will find new value in existing spaces and create new places in the pursuit of community diversification and growth.

■ There Are Many Shibuyas within Shibuya City

Communities with a diverse range of personalities coexist within Shibuya City. For example, there are communities that represent the cutting edge of Tokyo, communities that are leaders in the world of fashion, communities overflowing with old-fashioned warm-heartedness, and quiet residential communities. Our diversity extends to our communities themselves. We will create spaces that make it possible to rediscover and maximize the appeal of these communities.
To revitalize our communities, we will make them easier to move and stay in by developing our transportation environment.

■ The Shibuya City Community Will Be a Community of the World

In the future, we would like every area in Shibuya City to have fans around the world. To that end, it is vital for us to show the diverse community activities that take place in our various spaces to the world. Shibuya City will develop a framework for making constant communication possible from each area and community.

F. Culture and Entertainment

A city that continues to create new cultures.

There are cultural trends that no other community other than Shibuya could have created. Shibuya is freeform and indefinable, and that is why it is also full of possibilities. Let us refer to this cultural diversity itself as Shibuya culture: a culture that continuously creates culture.
As people from around the world gather in Tokyo as they never have before, this cultural synergy should accelerate. Shibuya City will continue its community development as a cultural pedestrian scramble that serves as a catalyst for this synergy.

■ Fashion, Music and Beyond

Fashion and music are two areas in which Shibuya City has created and led large trends. We will further the evolution of this DNA and make Shibuya the world’s most vibrant fashion and music city. In other areas as well, we will continue to be a community that constantly seeks out, encourages and develops diverse cultural potential.

■ Envisioning the Entirety of Shibuya City as an Exhibition

Shibuya City should remain a stimulating community for all people involved in expression and creation. We must continuously show the world the current state of the cultural activities taking place in our community. In this way, Shibuya will develop as an entertainment city. This will also shed new light on traditional culture and performing arts.

G. Pushing the Promotion of Industry

A city with businesses unafraid to take risks.

Shibuya City will strive to be a community where large and small businesses achieve ideal cooperation. This is because more diverse business types, sizes and customers will make it easier to produce innovation that will change the world.
Every business has the potential to be bold. We want to continue giving businesses the courage to take the first step and the drive to continuously take on new challenges. With this approach, we will develop a system for supporting every businessperson.

■ Making Shibuya Synonymous with New Business

We want Shibuya to be the first place a person starting a new business thinks of as a potential base of operations. To that end, Shibuya City is actively encouraging businesses that nobody has thought of yet and experimental projects. Of course, we will welcome participation not only from within the country, but also from around the world.
Striving for this kind of business freedom will make us the community where consumers feel safest.

■ Continuing to Offer New Things as a Tourist Destination

We want to continue to be a community where small businesses and personal stores can work freely. We also intend to promote industries, companies and shops that are intertwined with the local identity of Shibuya, regardless of business type or scale.
This will lead to the constant creation of things that you can only experience by coming to Shibuya. These will serve as new tourism resources and enrich the tourism industry like never before.

6. City Administration and Management – Fundamental Perspective

In order to realize the vision depicted by our Basic Concept, Shibuya City will develop a “Long Term Basic Plan”. Shibuya City will aim for the following to ensure the implementation of each policy.

■ To ensure that the local government body is robust and has a strong foundation

As the prerequisite to deliver each of these policies, Shibuya City will ensure a stable financial foundation and build a system that ensures the sustainability of administrative and financial operations.

■ To join forces with residents and a wide range of individuals

Shibuya is supported by each and every one of its citizens. We are committed to building a City where its citizens can become involved in the government of this city, and by collaborating and cooperating with a wide range of individuals other than Shibuya residents and with private industry and NPOs, we will collectively address the issues currently faced by the City. Through this, Shibuya will become a city that reflects the voices of even more people.

■ To ensure Shibuya City is a fast-response organization

Diverse needs are generated and change with time. In order to accurately address and respond to these needs, we will build an organization that is both versatile and adaptable.

■ To provide workplaces free of preconceptions and assumptions

In order to create a more creative working environment, we will be reassessing the nature of workplaces by referring also to international perspectives.
We will be proactive in applying cutting edge technology and will incorporate ways of working and office layouts which are free of preconceptions and assumptions.

The Shibuya City Basic Concept Handbook

We have created a picture book that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children, which will communicate the above Basic Concept and Shibuya’s vision of the future.